About us

The company

E-kid, is specialize in the firt years furnitures, select for baby & yous the best products, at the best price, to assist you in these most beautiful steps of yours lives.

We are a young european company, with goal to better quality life of babies. We supply excluvely products conformed with european norms, which cumply with our qualities requierments like wood origin, panels compositions, develpement,

  • Great Product quality
  • Customers service dedicated and reactive to small & huge demands
  • Deliver everywhere.

The team

A young multinational / languages team, dedicated to romanian’s next generation, which invest and believe in the next one.

Our philisophy 

  • Select naturals product and easily recyclable,
  • Favor the quality to the over consums of poor quality products,
  • Reintroduce the expertise and industrial knowledge in our countries,
  • Choose own production and own logistic chain,
  • Contribute to better our environment,
  • Minimize use of useless support like massiv paper campains …
  • Mutual engagment with futures generations

E-kid’s Strenghts

In E-kid, we capitalize on the importance to keep and retain kid’s vitality & imagination. All ours furnitures is made thinking about babies and child wich will sleep and grown in our rooms


  • The solidarity with public & private organizations le respect de l’environnement
  • the fair competitivness with our competitors
  • the respect of nature
  • support to the maternity & to the working women
  • loyalty with ours customers
  • la qualité
  • la sécurité et le respect par les droits des enfants
  • the override of prejudices and discriminations
  • the tolerance, the dialogue, the engagement
  • the respect through the Child Rights



, , the safety and the wellness of each worker in the company, and the.


The, the collaboration with ours partners, the diversity in the organization, , , the open mind in front of the change, the creativity at work, the professional actualisation, The cooperation with the institutions & organization, the qualityn the safety, and


Because child are future, E-kid will permit you to love your baby more anyway…